Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Issues a Big “F---YOU” To Shooting Victims, The School, And Parents

Source:  Los Angeles Times.

Update:  While the NRA was holding its "don't blame us and we don't want sensible gun control discussion or laws" press conference, there was another shooting happening...I'm no Gawker fan but they did catch this one.

Yeah, so instead of saying they’re gonna try to work with the president and Congress on limiting fun violence like the Newtown massacre, instead, it issued a big FU to everyone else by saying it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs.

They blame the schools, media, music, video games.  Everyone but the good-old gun folks.

Now, the gun debate is well, debatable in that people are still trying to dance around the issue.  Guns are easy to buy and obtain but it’s also doable, in least in my humble mind, that we can keep crazies from gaining access to assault rifles – like that Virginia Tech shooter.

So what’s NRA’s solution?  Arm the schools.  NRA blames society for not arming schools to protect children.

Look, I’ve had experience with guns in unpleasant manners.  My dad pulled a gun on me once.  He’s a big NRA fan.  And it way to easy for him to buy those guns.  Even if I could (he hid the fact that he bought guns from the rest of the family), there probably was no way that I could have prevented him from buying them.  And my dad had issues but not to the extent that was medically documented.

I am sure there is a middle ground to the gun issue.  But groups like the NRA has just put the fear of the gun god into these politicians that even the White House, until the latest episode, happily avoided.

Not even the attempted assassination of a congresswoman did it.  And Gabrielle Giffords belonged to President Obama’s own party!  And not even the shooting of a midnight viewing of the latest Batman movie did it.  It took an appalling killing of twenty 6 to 7 year olds to shock America into thinking we probably should do something.

And let’s face it.  Whatever comes of this, it’ll be so watered down, challenged in the courts, and eventually allowed to lapse (yes, conservatives will eventually return to power in Washington once the political seasaw swings back their way).

We live in a society where gun ownership is celebrated – even in a blue state California where I live in.  So, if anyone is shocked that the Nation Rifle Association thumb its nose at calls for stricter gun laws, don’t be.  This is our culture.  It’s not an excuse but a fact.

And the fact is…expect more Newtown style killings and the NRA saying “I told you so”.  Call it a new Christmas tradition.

Note: For the record, I don’t have a stance on guns.  I am against gun violence and violence of any time.  Who isn’t?  But I do support much stiffer penalties for who are irresponsible with guns, provide guns to those who should not own guns, and using guns to commit crimes of any type.  And here’s an idea.  If you want to own guys, maybe you need like a family member or neighbor to co-sign for it.

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