Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This is unbelievable.  You remember how those banks that were too big to fail had to looked to the US government, funded by you, me, and everyone else around you?  Yeah, well, thoe Wall Street guys.  Got nothing against folks trying to make money - even when they pushed the limits (unless they break the laws).  

Now, one of them is looking to use us, the taxpayers.  More to the point, the United States government that handed them $85 billion back in September of 2008.  According to Reuters, it's actually closer to $180 billion.

I don't get these guys.  No appreciation whatsoever.  I'm not sure I understand this kind of greed at all.  I don't what kind of insurance they cover but if we can boycott these bastards we should.  It's like the Reuters article pointed it:  AIG suing the US government is like the patient suing his doctor for saving his life.

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