Gun Control: Here We Go, Next Washington Battle

Source:  KPCC (Public Radio)

KPCC has a good decent summary on a fast developing issue regarding President Obama's proposed gun control measures.  Obviously, ban on military assault rifles are in the cards as are harsher background checks.

Key will be if GOP has the stomach and will to move on it or not.  We did just have a fiscal cliff tussle and it looks like we may have many more to come.  Immigration could actually end up being the winner in all this because both the Democrats and Republicans are beginning to move closer to a consensus on it.

Still, I'm out on gun control but we definitely need anything that goes through to effectively reduce gun violence and not allow this issue to be used as a political play.

So far, the President has instituted a $500 million program to reduce gun violence by the above mentioned bans and background checks.  POTUS has also signed 23 executive orders (no details on what they are now) regarding gun control that doesn't require Congress to act.

Even the CDC is asked to get involved which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  Maybe it's about the mental health issue?


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