Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Social: Let's Make Turtle Lost for 30 Years Famous

Source:  io9.

Family finds pet tortoise that was missing for 30 years as they clean out dead father's storeroom

We had a cat that was lost for a couple of years and one day, it returned to us.  It was freaking weird and sort of freaked out my brother and me.  However, that's nothing compared to this story.  Turtle who went by the name of Manuela was lost for 30 years was found by its owner.

That's three decades.  That's 10,950 days.  That's like five presidents.  Now imagine if that was you who got lost in the woods and after thirty years, you return.  I'd be like "this little thing you called an iPhone can do what?  Electric cars?  Hold on a sec.  Take me to Gemco or Zody's for some new clothes first. Has the Soviets taken over yet?"

According to the report, Manuela fed on termites to stay alive.  Dead animals, feces, bugs.  I hope he's getting fed better stuff now.

Great story.

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