Friday, February 15, 2013

Bigfoot Versus Zombies: Fake DNA, Crazy Supporters, Bad PR

Source:  Live Science.

I’m a paranormal buff.  I love the X-Files and still do.  And like Agent Mulder, I also “want to believe”.  However, it will take a lot to convince me.  I’m not a religious person but I think to think I’m spiritual.  So faith really doesn’t have a great hold on me in any discipline.  So again, while I want to believe there are things outside the fringes of nature and science, prove it to me before I actually believe.

So, Bigfoot, if you’re real, you need to fire your current PR agency and hire a new one.

See, when a supposed science journal publishes an article about proof of the Bigfoot as it is stated in this Live Science post, I was like “wow”.  But then you quickly realized it was another instance where a cryptozoologist Melba S. Ketchum tried to pull a fast one over scientific community and the rest of us.

So it really got me thinking about the cryptozoological field.  I wonder just how big the Bigfoot market is.  I’m not talking about the whole paranormal market but just the Abominable Snow Man, or sasquatch,  I think it’s one thing to try to pass something off as real when it’s probably and very unlikely to be real as in this case versus the current zombie craze that is sweeping through right now.

One is pure entertainment and the other is entertainment trying not to be.  Because they sound crazy, the Bigfoot people are sort of losing out because a large segment of society want nothing to do with them.  There are books, lectures, and an occasional cable documentary or two about Bigfoot but they generally generate bad PR.

I can think of one way to fix Bigfoot without resorting to fake DNA studies.  Someone should write a novel about a Bigfoot going out of his or her clan and falling in love with a human and make a movie from it. Oh yes, a 9” tall female sweeping me off my feet, literally?  Why not?

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