Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Movie: Star Trek Game Tribute Made By Fan

Source:  Destructoid.

I love Star Trek and I can't get enough of it.  So much so that I've even begun reading the dozens of novels.  What's not to like.  An utopian future that gives every single human and alien in the Federation everything they need and want in order to make their lives excel.

Of course, to spice things up for today's audience, we engage in epic struggles and galactic wars against alien empires that don't see eye to eye with us.  We're good enough to leave them well alone because of the Prime Directive but still, they threaten us.  Out of jealousy, malice, fear, or just for sport.

Anyway, there have not only been plenty of books, comics, and videos about the Star Trek universe but also video games.  The following three videos are created by a bigger fan than I ever will be of Star Trek.  Based on the Star Trek Online game, they created a video of each of the last three anniversary of the game.

And they're quite good.  Too bad I don't have a computer good enough to play them.


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