Monday, February 11, 2013

HTC One: That's One Good Looking Phone

Source:  Source:  GSM Arena.

I was really impressed with the Xperia Z from Sony but this HTC One is one good looking phone.

On top of that, it's gone one of the best specs on the market for an Android device. Heck, for any device on the market now.  We're talking 2 GB, 4.7" screen with 1080p, and q-core running at 1.7 GHz. Details are sketchy as far as storage goes, which should be 32 GB.

As for the battery life, we are looking about an average size for this sized device.  So, that's gonna be a major concern for mobile warriors.  Nothing comes close to the RAZR MAXX, you know?

One major concern I have is the Ultrapixels camera scheme that HTC is employing.  It's trying to create a 13 MP camera with three separate 4.3MP sensors.  It figures it can create a 13MP quality pictures sized at a 4MP picture.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll work because HTC is building this up as one of the One's major features.

For now, we enjoy the beauty that is the One.

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