Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Star War Movies and Spin-Offs, Lucas Out of Disney, What Happens To Star Trek?

Source:  Techcrunch.

I’ve never really posted about Star Wars but it does look like I might start now that activities is picking up on movies and other Star Wars media now that Disney is looking to milk the space franchise.  So, I’m gonna be able to kill two birds with one stone here today.

I like the original Star Wars movie and, okay, no one likes Jar Jar.  Having said that,I enjoy the prequels as well.  When I learned that Disney went out and struck a deal to buy Lucasfim, I was very excited.

Now, it looks like George Lucas is cashing out after his trust filed to sell his Disney stocks for billions.  Ordinarily, I don’t know who makes out on how much money but it’s so quick for Lucas to pull out.  Granted that he’ll be selling his stake over time, the fact that he’s doing it is interesting.

It could be just his way of diversifying but I reckon it could be more than that.  Just a hunch.  Yesterday, Disney reported its earnings and plans for future Star Wars movies which includes spin-offs that focus on specific characters in the SW universe.  Like Yoda, Han Solo,Boba Fett, and may other Jedi characters.  It reminds me of what Disney has done with the Marvel franchise.

I’m for that.  Perhaps, this was not to Lucas’ liking so he decided it was time to bolt and move on.  Star Wars was not his anymore and his input, likely appreciated, was not heeded.

The other story is, as you know by now is that J.J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie.  I don’t have a problem with that.  He’s done well enough with Star Trek.  Why not?  The thing is that he’s got so much on his plate.  Even now, he’s lining up projects to make Portal and Half-Life movies.


So, if you’re Star Trek fans, you have to wonder where does that leave your Star Trek 3 movie in Abbramsverse.  Oh, and Abrams is also developing TV shows as well.

Whatever. Bring it on, Disney and Paramount.  Bring it on and more often.  As for Lucas, I guess he’s still got Steven and Harrison for Indiana Jones.

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