Saturday, February 2, 2013

Obama Administration Is Open To Direct Talk With Terhan. So Why Not North Korea

International politics is a messy business. Each country in the world wants to be treated as equals on the world stage. But we know that as much as we like to believe that and it's written down in charters and treaties, we know that powers are concentrated in certain areas like Washington. However, if you're a rogue state and you're on the verge of developing nuclear weapons like Iran or have demonstrated to the world you're crazy and have nuclear weapons, then you get specially treatments.

Vice-President Joe Biden has indicated willingness of the Obama administration to hold direct talks with Iran. While the issues will be complicated and Terhan won't find a friendly American administration than the current one, a peaceful resolution is far, far from certain.

I am of the opinion that Iran is stalling. Dragging its feet to play for time to work on its nuclear weapons program. It has seen the fall of Saddam Hussein and the resilience of North Korea because of its bombs. Rogue states have learned that having the bomb is a good deference against regime change.

Regardless, I wonder if the administration would also be willing to hold direct talks with North Korea. Eventually any peaceful settlement (maybe I am too optimistic given that China no longer seem to be able to rein in Pyongyang).

Personally, I just don't see why direct talks are a bad thing. It takes courage to do that. Hard-liners on all sides will always have something to say. But it'll take a lot of courage on the part of the President of the United States to give the go-ahead.

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