Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Security: Murdoch Said WSJ Still Being Hacked

Source:  Venture Beat.

According to Rupert Murdoch, all around rich guy, said that hackers from China, are still going after his Wall Street Journal.  This is a string of reports regarding Chinese hacking activities that the New York Times first reported last week.

Since then, Twitter, WSJ, and the Washington Post have come forward about being hacked.

The thing for Murdoch is that hacking isn’t something that is new to his media empire.  His own people at the now closed News Of The World tabloid was at the center of a hack scandal that likely killed a little girl and sent people to prison.

So, hacking is okay as long as he’s the one doing the hacking but it’s not okay if he’s on the receiving end of it.

Jokes aside (just a bit), I’ve said we can expect more of this from Beijing, Tehran, or anyone else who does not like Western media putting them in bad lights.  It's too disrupt operations and, ultimately, a form of intimidation.

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