Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Social: Google And Facebook Bigger But Twitter Wins Super Bowl

Source:  CNBC.

This is a very good lesson for advertisers and businesses.  Users as well if you like live-event comments and updates from users.  Both Facebook and Google+ have higher monthly active users but it's Twitter that has more engaging ones - especially during live events.

In last year's Super Bowl, both Facebook and Twitter tied at eight mentions.  During Sunday's Super Bowl, XLVII, Twitter was mentioned sixteen times while Facebook plateaued at eight mentions.

You have to wonder about how Twitter can take advantage of their inherent real-time feature that is lacking in competing networks like Facebook.  On top of that, Facebook simply cannot enjoy the engagement that Twitter has.  Sure, Facebook has more active members but they're not on at the same time.

I have posted Facebook updates about elections, football games, and news events but none of that ever got the sense of community that I have had with Twitters.  I'm able to reach out and connect with others talking about the same things I was.  You just don't get that on Facebook.

And with mobile, Twitter is the easier platform to send out updates, 160 characters or less, than other social networks.  It's quick and to the point.

As far as I know, Facebook and Twitter are both baked into most platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  Twitter has far more reach with apps than Facebook has as well.

The CNBC post has it right.  Twitter is the go-to second screen.  Nothing Facebook can do to replicate that.

Oh, and with Facebook fatigue settling in, it'll only get worse.

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