Social: Users Want A Break From Facebook

Source: NYT.

I've sometimes put away my gadgets and pull out a book, go out and enjoy the outdoors, or something that doesn't have to do with technology. At the end, I always come back.

Apparently, is the same for Facebook users. Pew Research found more than 60% of FB users take up to several weeks just to get away from Facebook violating their privacies.

As a former FB user, I get it. For me, there is an added dimension to this. Facebook doesn't offer the same kind of engagement that I get from Twitter or Google+. And they've offered me no incentives to want to go back after a while. There's only so much baby or food pictures my friends post that I can take.

On Google+, I've been able to follow an engage in more talented and interesting people.

Pew's study found a variety of reasons why people are pulling pack from Facebook. Whatever those reasons, today's social media users are beginning to adjust how they fit social networks into their lives.

This is what's scary for Facebook. Their users, regardless of numbers, will end up using it less or, like myself, find it offering very little value and end up not coming back.

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