Friday, February 22, 2013

Who Cares If Chromebook Pixel Doesn't Make Sense To Us (For Now)?

I'm not sure why some people are dumping on the Chromebook Pixel Google unveiled yesterday.  I seem to recall that when Samsung released the Galaxy Note, it was laughed at.  And now, Note 2 has taken off and "phablet" is becoming more ubiquitous both as a term and in use.  And so much so that those same folks who lampooned it are now asking where Apple's phablet is.

Google Chromebook Pixel Criticism

For the record, I'm a Macbook user and I seriously doubt I'll be getting the Pixel. Having said that, the Pixel isn't for me.  Maybe not even for 99% of the laptop/netbook market.  But for that 1% who sees the value in what Google is doing, it makes sense.

Also consider Google's Glass project along with what it's going now.  There is a strategy to this seeming madness.  I don't know if it'll pan out but I love risk-takers and Google is doing just that, being a risk-taker.  Google is looking at selling to consumers years from now, not today.

Glass and Pixel are both "hobbies" like Apple TV has been a hobby for six years.

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