Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help FBI Track This Child Predator Down, Human Trafficking

Last week, news surfaced that Facebook allowed a video showing the act of abusing a child on its sites and in user profiles for a good long while before public outrage on Twitter go Zucker and company to act.  Well, here's a post from NBC News about a man who produced a lot of despicable videos of children.

So far, the FBI has only one picture of this person.  There is very little else anyone knows about this man.  If anyone knows anything, you can reach authorities at 866-347-2423 or visit

Meanwhile, there's a church near where I live that on more than one weekend provided information on human trafficking.  Usually, I find out too late.  If there is such a group near where you live and they provide information on how to combat exploitation of people, particularly children, I urge you to be proactive.

Human exploitation and modern day slavery isn't something we ordinarily hear about but with social media and the Internet, we are learning more and more about it.

And folks, it's everywhere even in America.

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