Thursday, March 28, 2013

Killing And Then Suicide: Nut Jobs' Easy Way Out And Their Private Wars Against Society

There is a new report (CNN) out today about Newtown mass murderer.  The motives why the murderer, which I will not dignify by mentioning his name, ended the beautiful lives of twenty children and six of their caretakers remain unclear. However, we can truly get into the minds of someone like this even if he was still around to explain it to me?

Of all the deaths resulting from this kind of mass killing, it is unimaginable that we as a society are willing to listen to these murderers’ explanations why they did it.  Most of them are cowards because they would commit suicide and rob us all of justice.

It’s an easy way out for them.  We can only assume that these deranged individuals are at war against society.  That is the only way to see it and that is likely how they see it as well.  Society against them.

The Newtown murderer took less than five minutes to commit his atrocity at the elementary school.  That’s 300 seconds.  What takes five minutes to finish a task for you?
Microwaving a burrito.
A leisurely half mile jog.
A shower.
To make coffee.
Change out of a pajamas into school clothes.
To grab a backpack, put on shoes, and head to the car for school.
To get out of the car and greet school mates before running into the classroom.
Time it takes for a teacher to settle down the class to start the day.
But to imagine spending more than 150 bullets in that time?  Stalking victims?  Ending 26 individual futures?  The closest thing I can come up with is war.  And in war, you make plans before you execute it.  And that’s what the Newtown guy did was just that.  He waged war on us all.  And many others like him before and those who will inevitably follow to commit their own mass murders.

And then cowardly end their own lives to avoid facing the consequences.

As a society, the answer isn’t arming ourselves as some would have it and end up with Western-style shootouts.  Seriously, do these people really want that to be happening on the streets of America and in malls and schools. Once you get past the absurdity of that, you come down to only one solution.

You try to diffuse a situation before it becomes a state of war.  And there is no one easy solution. No silver bullet like arming oneself for a public engagement Hollywood style.  There are probably many difficult and imperfect ones.

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