Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social: Facebook To Put Ads In Timeline Starting With Desktops

Source:  Inside Facebook.

Looks like Timeline on Facebook will get more crowded and cumbersome.  Not to mention annoying as FB looks to put ads there to extra a few more dollars in its pocket.  I figure in order to do this, there will be some friendly eavesdropping on some going-ons between you and your friends.

Obviously, there are some issues that go beyond simple snooping of our lives.  We have ads in our mail for years and they already "listen" in.

The scary thing is that given the Timeline is where most users see when they log in and where they get the bulk of the updates, this is going to give Facebook the key to the kingdom and in ways that no one has envisioned before.

Of course, we knew this day would come.  All those personal information in a vast database that for all to see.  To the highest bidder.

So far, it'll be on the desktop to start but it'll eventually move onto just about any other platform that Facebook is allowed on.

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