Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social: Facebook, Weather, More Money (At Your Expense)

Source:  Tech News Daily.

Facebook is tracking your every step through the Web because it wants to sell that information to advertisers.  We already know that.  It’s not so successful check-in feature is to get you to tell Zucker where you’re at.  As if that isn’t enough, Facebook now wants to know where you are going.

How?  Adding a seemingly innocuous weather feature.  Don’t think that if you’re in NY and you’re checking the weather in Seattle, the next ad you won’t see is a hotel or a car rental ad.

I’ll give FB this:  well played.  Pretty sly if you ask me.

You think that’s it?  Forget that Facebook is tracking and trying to find out where you’re going.  That’s not the worst part.  Now that it’s creating updates on your behalf: imagine if you had bought a ticket, booked a hotel, or rented a car via Facebook’s ad and it decides to tell all your friends about it.  Suppose you didn’t want anyone to know.

Well…sucks for you.

Don't think that will happen.  Facebook has been recycling your "likes" and faking them as posts to your friends.

Note:  The picture above is the Web search feature I used in Facebook to get Seattle's weather.  I don't know what the final look will be like but I reckon it'll be similar and even easier to use.

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