Tehran Overrun By Giant Rats: Blame the US/Israel In Three, Two, One...

Source:  io9, IBT.

Yes, the situation has gotten so bad that snipers are being used.

Iran's capital of Tehran is infested by huge rats (Reuters)

Okay, I'm backing up a bit.  Apparently, there are these giant rats, at least bigger than household cats, that have grown to their current sizes due to genetic mutation from radiation.  Frak, right?  Thing is there is no tell just how much bigger these rodents can get.  I'm getting goosebumps just writing about it.

I don't know how Tehran's environmental agency how came to the conclusion that these are irradiated rats but going from a few grams to 5 kiliograms or 11 pounds for us Americans.  That's almost twice the weight of most newborn human babies.

What's also scary about these giant rats is that traditional poisoning has no effect.  Hence, snipers are being used.  The thing is that if there are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of these unnatural beasts running up and down the street of the Iranian capital, would a few dozen snipers really matter?

I wonder where they're from?  Another dimension?  Global warming?  Iran's nuke bomb program?  And why haven't they blame us or the Israeli for this?


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