Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today's Curiosity Announcement Only Confirms What We Already Know - Let's Really Make Some Breakthrough In The Search For Alien (Not Necessarily Intelligent) Life

I’m not suggesting that we humans should take our rightful place among the various galactic races out in the universe but, come on, someone in the high up should come out and admit that we have discovered life outside of our planet.

Okay, first, I’m not some alien nut.  I just want to get that out of the way before we continue this discussion.  I’m of the mind in the scientific community that just because we are unable to fit something within the frame works of our knowledge or the scientific methods, it therefore cannot be possible or exist.  I’m in favor of leaps and the use of our most valuable tool of our mind, our imagination and to go from there.

Now, let’s continue.

Life out there, though I believe exists, may not be intelligent at all.  I’m just saying that after centuries of knowing that we are not only not the center of the universe, we may not be God’s only creation or that of the Big Bang or whatever you chose to put your faith in.

So, today’s NASA’s admission, I hesitate to call it a “discovery”, that Mars could have supported life in its ancient history.  Let’s go a step further, guys.  Let’s look for life on Mars that may exist today.  The same ingredients that made life possible in the past are still around.  Maybe not in the right (or same amount) but they’re still there.  And given the resiliency of life, my money is that even the little guys, those microbes, will find a way to survive.

It’s interesting that we keep looking for life as “we know it”.  However, the fundamentals of biochemistry does allow for life to exist in ways we cannot fully appreciate. Even here on earth, we continue to be surprised by how life can exist at the bottom of oceans, the coldest parts of our world, or even in insufferable volcanic environments.

And even with life that exists as we understand it, we still don’t know how everything works.

Given that the vast environment in the universe that has conditions that are hostile to us, maybe it’s time to admit that life exists else where but not really like us at all.  That intelligent life forms that we may one day encounter will be oxygen-consuming beings.

Note:  Please understand that I totally appreciate the undertaking of the hundreds if not thousands of scientists and engineers who works (worked) on Curiosity, other rover or deep-space programs, and other endeavors on our behalf.

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