Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wonder What Dennis Rodman Thinks Of His Buddy's Suicidal Nuclear Threat

Source:  Guardian.

So the UN, including North Korea's puppetmaster China, has approved a new round of sanctions against Pyongyang - namely, little Kim and his little circle of friends that he has to keep happy in order to stay in power.

A couple of things.  I wonder what Dennis Rodman thinks about his buddy threatening to kill him.  Also, why does China continue to tolerate a regime that continues to make it look bad in the eyes of the world.  Trust me when I say that other despotic governments are looking at Kim and saying "at least, we're not that crazy".

But back to China a bit.  The new round of sanctions includes banning sale of luxury products to North Korea, which obviously was meant to be directed at the North Korean leadership.  Having said that, what did we have to negotiate with Beijing about?

And we all know this is an empty threat which made things all the more crazy and makes the Chinese look even worse.  So far, NK has not developed the ability, that we know of, to mount a nuke on one of their long-range missiles.

History will look back at this and other episodes and realize this has always been China making all the wrong moves.  And not even Dennis Rodman will deny that.

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