Monday, April 29, 2013

American Oil Independence In Coming Years Could Mean Greater and Stabilizing Engagement With the World

Source:  NYT.

Along with every American, I look forward to the days when America achieves energy independence, which would be a great boost to national security and possibly free up billions that could potentially create a new Economy 3.0 or even 4.0.

However, in this NY Times post, while it rightly suggests that American engagement in the Middle East and other troubled spots in the world won’t end, I reject the idea that it could continue to go badly in the future.

New regimes that could potentially come to power or those that want to stay in power in oil rich nations will need to prepare for the future that comes a time when their coffers are no longer filled with oil profits.

The might of the US military and missions in any given region means hundreds or billions in cold hard cash.

Of course, having plenty of natural resources and energy does not automatically mean things will go well.  Again, ask the Saudi how stable their kingdom really is.  Or Russia where it takes the hands of a strong man to keep things together.

Then again, while we have our own issues, the United States isn’t any one of those countries.  I look forward to 2017 and beyond where American international policies will like change quite a bit and hopefully a much more steady peace.  And maybe, just maybe we won’t have the Chinese as our bankers.

Of course, we hope whoever is in the White House won't take us on various war campaigns or try to use any new political power as leverage.  As you well know, with great power comes great responsibility.  It applied to Peter Parker when Uncle Ben said it to him and it applies to any president or nation as well.

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