Social: AP Allowed Its Twitter Account To Be Hack to Spread False Tweet Regarding POTUS

Source:  Politico.
Rather embarrassing fpr the AP.  But first, I want to say that we’re glad to hear President Obama is fine.  Apparently, there was a tweet out of AP the president was hurt in an explosion.

First, that is not likely to ever happen because the security around the president, any other future or previous presidents, and their spouses are the best in the world.  Second, it’s only one source which was AP at the time and no one else who have sources in the White House knew about it.

It’s certainly another boo-boo for the new media.  If anyone is to be blamed, it’s the AP, and not Twitter.

Just last week, CNN, Fox News, New York Post, Reddit readers, and other various media sources blamed the Boston bombing on the wrong kid.


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