Sunday, April 21, 2013

Social: Comedy Central and Twitter Takes Entertainment and Jokes Up To A New Level

I hope that whatever Comedy Central and Twitter has cooking up for us via hastag #ComedyFest doesn't get me fired if I laugh out loud too much at work.  But there's a danger in that so I warn all my readers.

Comedy Central has partnered with Twitter using the customary 140-character tweets along with Vine's 6 second video to send out jokes and videos.

Folks, this is some clever use of social media.

We already know the popularity of Twitter as a means to send out information and forment revolutions but for this level of partnership, it could lead to greater engagement that has not been seen before.

Right now, for a movie or television show, producers, directors, actors, and the studios involved would be engaging users on Twitter, Google+, and that other privacy-killing thing (starts with a F) to drum up publicity with leaks, pictures, videos, and direction communication with users.

Official unveiling will happen tomorrow and start on April 29th.

Looking forward to this.

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