Monday, April 29, 2013

This Kinda Sucks: Galaxy S 4’s 16 GB Storage Really Has Only 9 GB And Lame Design Explanation

Source:  Droid-Life.

I think my title says it all.  Remember back during the Surface days when we found out that Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT tablet had only half of its storage available to the user?  We were pretty harsh on them and just about every anti-Microsoft and pro-whatever chimed in to rip on Redmond.

Well, now we find out that Samung’s flagship Galaxy device will only have 9 GB available to users.  The rest are packed with wares that most users won’t care for, probably won’t use after the novelty wears off, and will end up jail-breaking it to get pure Android back.

I think this is certainly something that reviewers and sellers has to inform potential buyers about.  Of course, that would never happen. So my fellow Android and mobile readers, now you know.

I know that Samsung is working hard to differentiate its mobile offerings but they need to know that there’s a balance between trying to offers features few developers will support and real world uses of their devices.  I’m sure they’ve got the data to know that.

Now, couple that with complaints about cheap plasticky build and it’s convoluted explanation why its devices are designed the way they are.  Except, of course, we have seen it and it’s called “the Galaxy S III”.

However, at the end of the day, Samsung will sell lots of the new Galaxy S 4’s.  A lot and it may not matter too much at the end of the day.

Design-wise, Nexus 4 has me very impressed as does newcomer, HTC One.  Though it remains to be seen if HTC One also suffers from the Galaxy S 4 storage problem.

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