Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blackberry: BB Users Don't Like Android Apps, Not Sure Who They Blame

Source:  CNET.

Okay, so Blackberry users don't like using Android apps on their devices.  Who can blame them?  I think BB should be the one to blame for this and I hope no one is suggesting that Android apps are not easy or good to use.

When you simply port one app over from one platform to another or run them in emulation, the experience diminishes greatly.  Everyone knew this.  Whatever the reason, Blackberry likely shot itself in the foot when it sought to pad its app count instead of trusting time and developers to build native apps.

Whatever.  Regardless of which mobile device you use, we are all rooting for Blackberry because they, along with Windows-Nokia, represent about 10% of the mobile market which can stand up to Android and the iPhone.

I think Blackberry has stabilized right now and they are making money.  With the Q10, keyboard-based device running Blackberry 10, on tap, I think Waterloo has turned the corner.

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