Wednesday, May 1, 2013

China Sorta Invades India But Indians Seem Okay With It; Twitter Shows What Regular Indians Feel About It

Source:  Times of India.

Chinese troops have taken up a position deep in Indian territory in violation of a 2005 accord.  However, New Delhi seemed a visit from a senior Chinese official too important to evict the Chinese incursion force.

India misreads Chinese incursion, ties itself in knots

It'll be interest to see how all this plays out.  Had someone done this to us, we should have sent them back to the Stone Age.

A quick look on Twitter shows that most think Prime Minister Manmohan Singh valued a longer term view with better relationship with Beijing more important than a couple, on wait, now it's five tents with trucks being in supplies to reinforce the encampment.

Of course, that's putting it mildly.  Pretty much everyone thinks the PM screwed up on this.  Well, I guess folks in the region should learn the Chinese words of whatever Beijing renames that area.

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