Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facebook Used By Man To Kidnap And Kill Girl

Source: Fox News.

Social media can be a good platform for people to stay connected with friends and families.  However, social networks like Facebook which has offered very little oversight into the activities of its users or does not even verify the true identities of its users, it can be a very dark and dangerous place.  This is especially true for a teen from Maine who was in contact with a man using a fake Facebook account.

The murderer, Kyle Dube, had used Facebook to lure Nicole Cable, the victim into a trap whereby he would kidnap her and rescue her later to appear to be the hero.  However, Nicole died while she in the truck of his car.

I hope the guy gets what he deserves in prison and hell.  We all do I'm sure.

However, does is Facebook also responsible?  It had been pressing to get teens to sign up and Facebook, as you well know, has zero safeguards when it comes to protecting its users, let alone, vulnerable teens.

For the record, you have to be at least 13 to join Facebook.  Nicole Cable was 15.  It shows just how dangerous Facebook and other social networks can be for children.  If anything, the least Facebook can do is to make sure anyone under the age of 18 cannot be friended by anyone who isn't family or a true friend.

However, it's unlikely the death of this teen would sway Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to implement stronger safeguards for children.

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