Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey, Senate: Where's The Hearing On Facebook Allowing Hate (Or Free Speech)

Okay.  So, Apple does what it is supposed to with respects to paying taxes under laws written by Congress and, yet, it was hauled in front of Congress so Levin can try to score a few political points.  It was a shameful display of political theater and a waste of American tax payers money and time.

Meanwhile, Facebook is allowing hate in the name of making advertising dollars.  Hate against women in particular (CNN).  And all they have to say for it is a blog post.

Where is the Senate hearing on this?  I'm serious.  Exposure to this kind of hate speech and others is something you see on the Web every day.  However, Facebook isn't the Internet.  It's Facebook.  And given that there is very little safeguards on Facebook, children can easily find stuff that many of us will find objectionable.

On top of that, there is the issue of free speech.

So, Senate, where is the hearing on this matter and trying to balance that with free speech on Facebook?

So far, Facebook only acts when pressed and that seems to be an issue with me.

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