Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twitter Hires M&A/IPO Expert Probably For Her Acquisition Experience

A couple of posts back, I wrote that Twitter isn't considering going IPO.  If it does, it's because current investors are looking to cash in and not because Twitter needs the money to grow.  It has money to grow even now.  Sure, going public will likely bring in a couple of billion in cash but it's not likely going to be spend in ways that Twitter needs to.

However, Twitter just hired Cynthia Gaylor of Morgan Stanley who has a background in IPOs and M&A.  I'm hoping they picked up her for the M&A portion.

These days, going public just is too insane given the irrationality of investors and the poisonous atmosphere generated from Wall Street and financial media coverage.  On top of that, bloggers with agendas and even an ounce of influence could create problems for companies.  Ask Apple.

I think at the end of the day, Twitter, thought not considering IPO at this time will eventually go public.

This CNBC post highlighted a couple of her more high-profile roles in acqusition:  Amazon purchase of Zappos and AdMob by Google.

Going foward, Twitter is probably going to buy companies or startups.  They're probably in the millions to a few tens of millions but its unlike to be involved in hundred million buyouts like Facebook with Instagram (which was a dumb buy).  So, Gaylor's expertise in this area would be helpful.

And I'm sure when the time comes, her IPO background will also help.

Note:  Obviously, I've got my beef with Facebook and I'm not going to hide that fact but I promise you I have no financial incentive in it.  Just want to show folks Facebook for what it is.

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