Killer Bees: Death By Thousands of Stings

The Chinese has their death by a thousand cut thing but killer bees in the US, hybridized bees from Western and African bees that have been spreading through the Americas in the last couple of decades, have their own version:  death by forty thousand stings.

A Texas man was killed by these bees after his tractor hit a pile of woods that was home to these bees.  His wife remains in critical condition while two women who tried to helped them each received hundreds of stings.

As a kid, when I learned about these bees moving up from central America, then to Mexico, and eventually the US scared the crap out of me.  I’ve seen bees here.  Wasps as well.  I’m sure you have too and I just run.  As far as I know, I’ve never been stung before.  I’ve seen someone get stung right in front of my eyes. 

Just imagine thousands of these coming at you.  And who knows what the effects of global warming is going to have on these.  

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Source:  NBC.


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