Friday, July 26, 2013

Twitter Can Inform You When You've Lost $2 Million

Source: Bleacher Reports.

Yeah, this hurts. An American football player, meaning not soccer or kicking a rounded white/back ball around, lost $2 million dollars because he failed to show up for a team workout in San Francisco. You're asking why is this so important that we would put it on Clouding Around?

Well, there is a social angle to this. See, the football player, Tarell Brown of the San Francisco 49ers found out that he lost the $2 million, just simply for not showing up and which reduced his salary of nearly three million down to $925,000 from, of all places, Twitter.

That's right. Twitter. Social media.

Of course, there is a couple of lessons to be learned from all this. One, make sure your agent, lawyer, or whoever your power-of-attorney charge is knows what they are doing. Needless to say, Brown fired his agent.

Second, Twitter is big. You don't want to go to CNN, Fox News, LA Times, or even Facebook for breaking news. You want to go to Twitter because that's where news happens fast. It is being read and followed. Then it gets retwitted over and over.

While I feel bad for Brown, let's not forget that he's still going to make around $400K after taxes this year. That's like eight times the average salary of an American family.

And the dude is pretty good so I wager he'll get a new lucrative contract after this season (his last with SF).

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