Google's Chess Maneuver: Android Conspiracy, Chrome, Moto X, and Passwords

In the mobile as well as the desktop war, there is still a battle that is raging as it has ever been since iOS, Android, Web OS were all fighting it now.  Today, Blackberry is down but isn't out while Windows Phone is gaining some traction, Apple and Google and Samsung are still around.  Hardly any of them can declare victory and go home.

For Google, while it has a good stronghold in mobile and remains the dominant search engine in traditional computing, more and more, I believe, as Google probably does too, that for it to remain so and potentially strike further blows against its foes, its future lies squarely in the browser and webapps.

Specifically, Chrome OS.  There is already evidence that has occurred and we'll see more obvious moves towards that.

Here are a few highlighted events in the last few months that point to this. (more at On Android).


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