Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh, Saffron, Please Make It Happen (You'll Have To Be A Firefly Fan To Get This)

Source:  Blastr.

I don't have HBO but if Saffron, aka Christina Hendricks, joins Game of Thrones, I'll get HBO just for her.  Seriously.  Yes, Christina Hendricks wants to join Thrones.

Okay, most of you know her as the some chick on Mad Men (I kid, I kid...).  Seriously, she's may favorite character and because of her body (that too).  But she's a terrific actress and the whole of her presence just bring something extra and different to a show that no one else can.

How Malcolm Reynolds could resist her in Firefly, I don't know.  Oh wait, he couldn't and he nearly lost his ship and crew.

Don't you wanna know what she could do to nobles in Westeros?

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