Thursday, August 29, 2013

Samsung Releases Android Tablet For Children - Great First Step

Source:  TimeSamsung Tomorrow.

Looks like Samsung will not cede the education and child tablet market to Apple it released a 7" tablet, albeit with yesterday's specs, for children.

No mention of price yet but this colorful looking device will go on sale first on Korea, then worldwide.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Kids Product Specifications

What's great about this is that Apple's iPad seems to dominate the education market.  Who knows how many iPads Apple is selling this summer to schools and students.

Essentially, it's a Tab wrapped in a plastic (maybe rubber) enclosure because we know how kids are going to be with their toys.  It'll run a later version of Android and be packed with features to help parents control the device.

samsung galaxy tab 3 kids

And there will be other colors than the orange/yellow one shown here.  This and and iPad?  What will the parents pick?  Plus, while no price has been announced, it's likely going to be priced competitively against the iPad and other Android tablets.

However, the only knock against it is that it looks cheap and some more savvy kids might see it that way even if their parents or schools don't.  We'll just have to see how the market receives this.

Samsung has a promising product here but it has to be sure the customized software and UI doesn't dumb it down so much that kids will think this is a toy rather than a true tablet.  Otherwise, this device could be limited to toddlers and pre-K segment of the mobile market.

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