Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tebow Still A Patriot (Part of NE Patriots That Is)

Source:  BR.

Tim Tebow is still on the team after the NFL scheduled roster cut went down to 75.  So far, it doesn't look good but he has support from the big guy.  No, not him.  Not God.  The other one: Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

But the larger issue is what Tebow represents.  Do I think he's being persecuted for being so open about his Christian and personal views?  A bit.  By some more than others.  Do I think he deserves to be an NFL player?  No.  Am I support him?  Yes, because I like underdogs and given his views, I'm probably going to hell (I'm not Christian though I believe in a higher power).

It'll be interesting to see where he goes if he makes the team and what happens if it doesn't.  Maybe at one time, he was pretty good and only needed the right system to play under.  We'll just have to see.

For get his background a bit.  Here's a guy trying to swim against the tide that is the media, both sports and mainstream.  Many think he's no longer the player he was in college and does not have the stuff for the NFL.  He's gonna try to look deep down and muster all his strength to prove everyone wrong.  How can you not root for that?

And he's got two big guys in his corner.

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