Friday, August 16, 2013

Yes, GOP Should Present Plans For ObamaCare Alternatives (And Other Common Sense Policies) - A Repeal Ain't Gonna Happen

When President George W Bush was in office, and whatever your views are of the president, I thought the Democrats after they won Congress did nothing constructive to present and communicate to the nation their own vision and plans.

And now, I say the same thing about the GOP in the House and the whole Republican mentality of making sure President Obama doesn't succeed.  It's stupid and only makes things worse themselves in the long run.

And I'm glad someone is pointing this point.  Lanhee Chen, Romney's policy director said exactly what I think most Amercans are thinking and want the GOP to do.  Show us the alternatives.  Policies that are common sense and work to help move America forward.

There is just no way the Affordable Care Act will be repealed.  And in fact, some of what's in the policies used to be ideas that the GOP supported.  It's only when politics come into play did the GOP changed their tune.

Nancy Pelosi annoyed the heck out of me when all she did was to direct the Democratic members of Congress to criticize and object without doing anything to show the country their version of the future.  And now the GOP are doing that in kind.

The cycle has to end.  The two side needs to present their plans for the future, talk only about their plans and not how bad the other guys' plans are, and let the people decide.  Better yet, centrists should buck their party lines and work on common sense policies and the parties should let their members vote accordingly without political repercussions.

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