Thursday, September 19, 2013

$189 Quad-Core 5" Android Device: Better Than Most Mid-Tier and May Even Keep Up High-End Devices

Source: The Droid GuyKogan.

This is a very decent Android device if you want some high-end looking features but don't exactly wanna pay $650 or $700 for it. Meet the Kagon 5" Android phone which can be yours for only $189. Crazy, I know. it's at least worth $300. My guess is that this is a first-over device priced to get folks into the door, say a lot of great things about it and over the next few generations, slowly jack up the price. It is not a bad move.

Consider Blackberry's new Z30 that will be out soon.  This probably has Blackberry beat given that it runs a native Android instead of a potentially dying platform.  You know Android will be here next year and the year after that.  But

Agora 5.0" Quad-core Smartphone

Now, Kogan is not running the latest and greatest but it ought to be enough to get you through a couple of upgrade cycles.  One thing about the device that I'm not hot on is the 2000 mAh battery.  You'll get through a morning of moderate use I think before it does on you.  But you can't complain given the price you're paying for it, right?

Quad-core, 1 GB (again, you get what you pay for), 4 GB (again, you get what you pay for) of internal storage but you do have a micro SD slot, 5" (1280 x 720) screen - par with even some high-end devices,

Agora 5.0" Quad-core Smartphone

It's also got a 8MP camera which I don't think you'll be writing home about.  For non-pro or even semi-pro folks like me, this is great.  Good enough.
Agora 5.0" Quad-core Smartphone

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