Monday, September 16, 2013

2016: Election That Started In 2008 For Some, Polling Data

Elections today are like these four-year sporting events.  Olympics.  World Cup.  Various other cups of other sports.  It's like that now for US elections.  Not everyone gets to participate so there are like mini-playoffs that teams has to do to get to the bigger leagues.

Here, it's called primaries.  And there are fifty of them in the United States all taking place the year of the election to the run-up of the party conventions and, then eventually, the election in November.  Even before that, players, sorry, candidates, are all jockeying for position in the polls with various attacks and promises to ensure that they get the best chances to advance.

We've got some numbers from CNN.  For the Democratic side, they look like 2008 with Hillary Clinton, maybe you've heard of her, is in the lead.  What kinda sucks is that the current vice president of the United States with all-around-good-guy image isn't even close.  And if these numbers continue, it'll only get worse for the rest of the field.  Aside from Joe Biden, the rest are looking to hitch a ride on the Clinton bandwagon as VP.

On the GOP side, if they don't go with a more moderate-ish conservative, they're gonna get clobbered in 2016.  That guy is looking like the popular New Jersey governor, Chis Christie.  While he is in the lead, he's only up by 1%.  The rest of the field doesn't matter for the moment because they're trying to duke it out as a Tea Party guy.  The dynamics could change if Jeb Bush gets involved but Bush fatigue isn't quite over in the US yet.

Despite not being a Tea Party fav, those guys are still a minority.  Vocal but minority.  It'll be up to their individual super PACs and actual individual benefactors to prop them up.

I don't know much about Christ Christie but from what I've seen in the media, dude knows how to throw punches.

This sort of my Sunday night political version of a sports summary of college team rankings.

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