Monday, September 16, 2013

Coulrophobia: It's a Real Phobia and This English Town Is Afraid of Its Clown

Source:  Inquisitr.

Something about clowns that is down right weird and creepy.  Maybe it's despite the painted happy face, we know deep down, they're sad and could explode at us at any given time.  Whatever the reasons, this down has its very real creepy clown problem.

Residents of this English town, Northampton, has had sightings of a couple of clowns that are just freaking out its town folks.  So scary in fact that there are real police warnings about it.  Eyewitnesses claim that the clown or clowns just stand and stare.  The clown doesn't do tricks, juggle, or ride a unicycle.  It just stares at you.

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