Google Should Sell Motorola While Moto X Is Doing Well, Google Edition Devices and Nexus Are All It Needs To Keep Android Pure

Google fan or not (Android fan or not) or Apple fans, it doesn't matter which camp you fall under.  I think it's universally agreed upon that Google bought Motorola because of patents.  But Google soon found out that while Motorola lots of patents, it doesn't have ones that it needs to defend Android and its partners against Apple, Microsoft, and others on the mobile patent war.

But forget the patents.  Google simply doesn't need the drag that Motorola is creating now.  It's causing friction among Android partners and creating concerns among its investors.  But from a mobile perspective, it's got things going well on the Android front with two key tools:  Nexus and Google editions of high-end devices from HTC and Samsung.  Soon, others like Sony might sign up as well.

And here's the thing. Google is getting the best of both worlds as far as Android and mobile goes.  Sure, the Google edition of phones are high-end and cost more.  But they're also catering to users who are likely more affluent and prone to spend money on apps and services.

Young, rich, and pure Android fans.

Whereas with Motorola devices, that is not necessarily the case.  But then again, what I wouldn't give for a Google edition of the Droid Maxx with its awesome battery life.


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