Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Green: Daisy-Chain Solar Modules, Small Toy Like But Love Concept

Source:  Gizmodo.

Here is a daisy-chain solar gadget that you can hook up a bunch of solar modules to charge a 500mAh battery base.  It's almost like these block toys my nephews play with all the time.  They're colorful and, of course, these solar modules serve a greater purpose than just entertain kids.

From a German company called Clicc, the Cliclite is very small.  You can add additional panels to help the unit charge faster or use an USB cable to charge it when the sun is not out.

Unfortunately, it's only available in Germany now and won't come State side until like a year later.  Meanwhile, I'm keep an tab on it and hope to see some good news about availability here eventually.

Now, it's definitely not going to be able to charge our mobile devices. Not to full capacity anyway.  But I've got a few LED devices that can sure use Cliclite to power them and use them as night lights or during power outages.

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