No Pixar Film Next Summer: This Blows. Now, What Am I Suppose To Do? "The Good Dinosaur" Delayed Until 2015

Source:  CNET.

"The Good Dinosaur" likely would have put Pixar back up on top of the box office chart in 2014.  Monsters U was great and made tons of money for Disney but it was no Despicable Me 2.  Regardless, "The Good Dinosaur" will probably continue Pixar's string of wins but it just won't happen until 2015.

It also means other Pixar movies will be pushed back as well.

Now, folks.  People are talking about how Apple without Steve Jobs and under Tim Cook is not innovating.  I personally do not subscribe to that line of thinking.  However, with Pixar missing its first ever scheduled release, one might also blame the lack of Steve Jobs as Pixar cracking his whip and lack of his reality distortion field as cause for this.

The video below isn't a trailer, it does provide some info about the movie.


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