Persistence, Passion, And Perseverance: All One Man Needed To Lose 245 Pounds

See?  CNN is good for something.  Like this post here about one man's battle to lose weight.  Nearly 250 pounds of his former 405.  Damn right?  Well, it's hard work but he broke it down into simple terms.

Persistence, passion, And perseverance.  Marlon Gibson started on his mission back in January of 2011.  It's been about 30 months.  Of course, he was also on "The Biggest Loser", a reality TV show I'm sure you've heard of.  And he does have a coach helping and spurring him along.

No matter what, it was Mr. Gibson's realization that life was worth living, especially being around with his family, he had to do something.

Maybe he had help others would not get, motivations, and whatnot.  At the end of the day, he had to do all the hard work.  He's the man, minus the 245 pounds.

Definitely a must read, people.  Shows pics of Mr. Gibson before and after.


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