Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Space: Chinese Satellites Made Unusual Maneuvers That Point To Military Purposes

Source:  Huffington Post.

China has made huge leaps in space technology in the last couple of decades.  And they are hell bent on catching up to the West, particularly, the United States in both military and space technology.  And they're doing about it in a reckless manner to achieve that goal, sometimes putting others in peril.

Recently, three separate Chinese satellites made changes to their orbits that baffled experts. But there seems to be consensus that the orbital alterations put one of the satellites, Shiyan-7, in close proximity to another, Chuangxin-3.

The purpose of the maneuver isn't known but it's probably a safe bet that it had a space military objective.  The silence from Beijing is deafening.  In 2007, China conducted an anti-satellite test that resulted in creating 3,000 dangerous pieces of space debris.

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