Cloud: Obamacare Finds Cloud Not An Easy Thing, Data Center Malfunction Hits Gov Care

I think the government is finding that it's too big to function.  Regardless of what you think about Obamacare, you have to admit the issues that are preventing a smooth sign-up could end up killing it.  Right now, a serious malfunction at a Verizon data center is doing just that.

I think it'll take version 2.0 of this whole process for things to be ironed out.  Take Apple for instance.  It took them years from iTools to MobileMe to whatever to iCloud as we know it.  It's not an easy task. What's worse and harder for the government is the dozens of older databases spread throughout different agencies and branches of the executive departments that are being tied together.

If anything, maybe the Obama administration should have asked Google or IBM to do this.  For some reason, I can't see Verizon being up for this job.

Source:  CNN.


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