Friday, October 25, 2013

Green: Wind Turbine That Mimics The Dragonfly Capable of Generating Power In Wind of Less Than 5MPH

Revamped Wind Turbine Takes Design Inspiration From Dragonflies [Pics]

I haven't talked about green tech or living for a while and this is as good a place as any to restart that.  And it's a very innovative one.  A wind turbine that can generate electricity from wind below 5 miles an hour - four to be exactly.

Meet the "Dragonfly" wind turbine. It's capable of generation enough sustaining power of 55kW.  And again, because of its innovative design, it can do that with only two blades in winds around 4 miles per hour or 2 meters per second.

That's about a brisk morning walk.  I'm around 5.5 to 6 mph when I jog.  So, this wind turbine is very unique on what it can do.

wind 4

And it's small enough that it just might fit in your backyard.  The post from Inhabitat didn't say how bit the yard would have to be.  Probably not mine since I've got an tiny one.  And it'll probably draw too much attention from my neighbors.  But who knows.  Right now, it's being tested Pisa, Italy.

And to put it into perspective how small this is, it stands more than 60 feet tall, about 20 meters.  That's about as tall as your average flagpole people install for their homes.  So, it's not so tall that it sticks out at all.

The Dragonfly will be tested for 12 months.  And at the end of the twelve months and if it all goes well, production will start and first be marketed in Italy and then beyond.

We'll be keeping an eye out on this one.  I've got a small solar generator I got from Costco for emergency use but it's nothing compared to what the Dragonfly is capable of. And plus, I figure wind turbines can generate power at night.

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