Monday, October 28, 2013

Politicians Increasingly Use Terror And Mob Tactics (I'm Talking Figuratively) With Increased Frequency

Source:  Politico.

This is directed at politicians from both parties.  This instance I'm providing as an example is by no mean directed at just the GOP because I KNOW the Democrats have pulled the same crap.  See, what they do is hold up business of the people who elected them by extortion or simply holding citizens as hostages to their games.

Of course, I'm speaking figuratively but I'm sure most of the readers will agree.  Here, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who at times at least make a bipartisan effort along with pal, senator John McCain, will be holding up judicial appointments until his questions regarding Benghazi has been satisfactorily answered.

Oh, and the Democrats have held up President George W. Bush's nominations as well, so again, this is a game that both sides have engaged in.  Except now, it seems to be more frequent.  And of course, Graham is potentially facing a tough challenge within his own party from the right.  So, he has to say things like this and also act the part too.

But we're all getting hurt by this.  And it's all about political wins and losses for these guys.

It's always one side trying to jam the other or play games of chicken like they did a few weeks ago with the debt ceiling.  Oh, yes, even a former junior senator from Illinois (gosh, what's his name again?) once voted against raising the debt ceiling.

Again, it's all a fraking game to these guys.

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