Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Microsoft Gets Rid Of Bad Stacking Review Policy for Employees - It's Probably Too Late

Source:  The Verge.

Building 34, Redmond Campus

For a long time, a decade now, I've wondered why Microsoft has had such a political corporate structure, more so than most of any other companies.  I had attributed that to the media and bias against Microsoft and all things Windows from Mac and Linux folks.  A few months ago, I learned about an employee review process.  Upon understanding how it basically works, I knew right away it was a bad, bad policy.

Essentially, the stack-ranking policy pits one employee against another.  Not just one team versus another but team members as well.  And within each team, it was necessary that some employees be given poor remarks regardless of their true worth and contribution.

Now, Microsoft is getting rid of this.

I wonder if there had not been about fifteen years of back-stabbing and killing off innovative products and services to protect one's turf (like Windows and Office), what an innovative Microsoft could have produced.
However, I wonder if it's too late.

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