Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Social: Twitter Briefly Blocked Pro-Duck Dynasty Fan Site

Source:  Fox News., a pro-Duck Dynasty website, had its tweets blocked by Twitter. Bias? Well, if we are to trust Twitter, and there is no reason not to, it mistakenly thought the site was a spam site. Personally, without knowing what it's about, I will not, and probably would not even if I did know what that site is about, visit the site.

I get enough cookies and trackers visiting me from more mainstream sites already.  I doubt there was any intentional attempt by Twitter to block pro-Duck tweets in this instance or another.  It's not really news except it is interesting to consider if any social sites would ever take sides in this current debate regarding what the elder Duck guy said in an interview regarding homosexuality.

Regardless of which side you take on the issue, I only suggest this as I've mentioned elsewhere on social networks and in conversations.  Would it not be better if you now know how Phil, leader of the Robertson clan, feels about social issues than not?

How he feels about the gay community and his opinion that black people never sang the blues?

A couple of days ago, I was flipping through the channels at a friend's house and came across A&E, the network that broadcasts DD.  I sat through a segment of it.  I don't care for reality shows.  I don't get why anyone cares how a family lives, how a group of spouses secretly plot against one another, or who is backstabbing how.

And after that segment, my opinion remains unchanged.  We know that there are people with extreme views on both ends of the social or political spectrum.  We don't need someone on television who really have no relevance in our lives to affirm that.

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