Monday, January 27, 2014

Social: Here's A Good Tip About Financial Decisions (Or Any Other Life Ones) - Do It Early In the Day

Here's an excellent tip from Life Hacker.  Make financial decisions early in the day, this way, you're fresh and likely to make more sound decisions.  In fact, I think it goes beyond financial decisions.  Any life decisions.

Okay, I get in the kind of lives we have, many decisions about life happens to be about personal finance as well.  Fine.  But think about it.  When you wake up, you feel fresh and energized.  Ready to hit the ground running.  And that is when you're likely pretty clear (unless you've got a hangover or something).

I've often felt this way at times.  By the time you get home from a long day at work, you don't much feel like you want to do anything much less decide on something, important or otherwise.  You don't want to think.  You want to get a cold one and just relax a bit.  Then it's dinner.  Then it's a little television or surfing the web or read.  Then it's bed time.

You're exhausted mentally, even physically.

When else can you make decisions?

I'm an early morning person so the advice above definite makes a lot of sense for me.  And this also extends to chores as well.  Best time to do it is in the morning.  Wake up half an hour to an hour earlier a couple of times a week to get things done.

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